Mint Hill Roofing Companies

If you’ve ever take a drive around Mint Hill, North Carolina, chances are that you’ve noticed some beautiful homes that have the kind of roof that makes you pause to admire it.

Many of the roofs you’ve noticed in Mint Hill were installed by High Top Roofing.

We’ve been helping some of the best neighborhoods in Mint Hill look great for years.

Mint Hill residents continue to give us outstanding reviews and to recommend us to their friends and neighbors.

Homeowners who live this area want Mint Hill Roofing Companies they can trust.

Some Mint Hill residents select High Top Roofing because of our “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Other residents prefer the wide variety of roofing choices we can offer.

Some of the most selective Mint Hill residents choose High Top Roofing because of our “A” rating on Angie’s List.

Finally others seeking Mint Hill roofers choose us because of the high satisfaction ratings we have on the Internet and because we're an Owens Corning Roofing Preferred Contractor.

Residents simply don’t want to take the risk with unknown, underinsured Mint Hill roofers. They know that we are an established roofer with $2 million in general liability insurance coverage.

They also know that High Top Roofing’s outstanding follow-up and warranty service is just a phone call away.

Homeowners looking for Mint Hill roofing companies want a local company they can trust who comes highly recommended by their friends and neighbors.

We know Mint Hill and we can present you with roofing solutions that will work the best for you in this area.

The president and owner of High Top Roofing is Earl Fremin.

When you contact High Top Roofing, you’ll meet with Earl personally – not with a salesman from an out of town roofing company that you don’t know.

Mint Hill homeowners trust Earl and his nearly 38 years of roofing industry experience. They believe in quality and know that Earl will provide a high quality roofing installation.

If you’re a Mint Hill homeowner, don’t take a chance with an out of town storm chaser roofing company.

Select the Mint Hill roofer trusted by your neighbors - High Top Roofing.

Call High Top Roofing at 704-989-3189 or Request a free estimate today!

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