Matthews Roofing Repairs

We've seen a large increase in the number of calls we've received for roofing repairs due in part to the large amount of rain storms we've had recently.

If your roof is leaking, now is the time to get quotes for Matthews roofing repairs.

Roof leaks can happen anytime - especially around areas like pipes, skylights, ridge vents, bathroom exhaust fans and chimneys. That could mean it's time to reseal or replace the flashing around these areas.

Matthews roofing repairs may also be needed for nail pops or shingles that have blown off your roof.

We're surprised at how many roofing repairs we're asked to do that are caused by the use of poor materials by other roofing or building contractors. For example, we find that cheap caulk is often used to seal roofs and around windows. That caulk will not hold up over time the way more expensive silicone caulk will.

it's common for us to be asked to fix defective work installed by storm chaser roofers and we're called to repair their work constantly.

It is important to fix leaks quickly because water intrusion can damage the structure of your home if it is not addressed.

If the leak in your roof is not due to hail or wind damage, it's even more important to select the right contractor if it's not going to be possible to file a roof insurance claim if you'll be responsible for all of the Matthews roofing repair costs. That makes it even more important to select a roofing contractor you can trust.

High Top Roofing has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and an “A” Angie’s List rating. If you search for us on the Internet, you’ll also find very high customer satisfaction ratings.

We’ve earned those high ratings 1 customer at a time by delivering high quality Matthews roofing repairs.

We're also an Owens Corning Roofing Preferred Contractor.

If you are responsible for your own roofing repair costs, High Top Roofing can repair all kinds of roof surfaces for a fair price. We’ll come out and inspect your roof when other companies may not even return your phone call. And we won’t recommend replacing the roof unless it is absolutely necessary.

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